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We take customer service and support very seriously. The customer is king. Period. No questions asked. This becomes all the more important considering that our interconnect partners have entrusted their mission critical business to us.

Our infrastructure and interconnects are pro-actively managed and monitored under the watchful eye of our team of highly professional, dedicated and customer-centric engineers that staff our 24x7x365 Network Management Center (NMC). Our ever-ready and vigilant team of engineers are continuously monitoring and tracking the Quality of Service on our network, by analyzing various quality KPIs for e.g. NER, ACD, ASR, PDD, as well as other quality metrics, such as CLI and DTMF.

We provide SLA driven 24x7x365 customer service and support to all our interconnect partners i.e. a Service Level Agreement is agreed with each interconnect partner, quantifying resolution times and key performance indicators for fixes, as well as an escalation matrix (all the way up to the CEO), in the eventuality of any degradation in service quality. Interconnect partners are able to interface with our NMC over the phone, via email or over instant messenger, with all complaints being managed and tracked through an online trouble ticketing system.

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